Technology, Creativity & Innovation

At Creature Technology Co. we see creativity and technology as two interlocked elements in our design process. Technology drives our creativity and our creativity drives our technology. The result is innovation.

Creature Technology has developed a raft of technologies, techniques and materials to solve the very practical and diverse challenges that animatronic production presents. From novel skin techniques to custom servo motor technology, from anatomically functional muscle bags to sophisticated control systems –  it’s all with the same aim – bringing to life the stuff of our imaginations.


The custom control software and hardware package Creature Technology Co. has developed over many years has become one of the cornerstones of our technology and of our business. C-Tech is a sophisticated and incredibly flexible set of tools designed from the ground up to do one thing – control the worlds most complicated and lifelike animatronic creatures. With its custom graphic interface it makes tuning multiple axis characters efficient and with a range of plug-ins it can drive all types of actuators and interface with other automation systems.

Performances can be puppeteered live using “voodoo” control rigs or played back from prerecorded sequences using our state of the art animation platform.