Encounter the Extraordinary

Creature Technology Co. produces the most technologically sophisticated, creatively inspired and life-like animatronics for arena spectaculars, theme parks, exhibitions, stage shows and events around the world.

Inspiring Audiences Worldwide

The best animatronic characters can blow audiences minds while having the power to create emotional and lasting experiences - though some things need to be seen to be believed…

Theme Parks

Wild Rides

Astonishing animatronics designed and built by Creature Technology Co. feature in some of the world’s best dark rides. The unrivalled life-like qualities of our creatures paired with engineering excellence makes for reliably awe-struck guests ride after ride, day after day, year after year.

Theatre & Arena Shows

Stars of
the Show

Animatronics and puppets have an incredible impact on live theatrical productions and arena shows. At Creature Technology Co. we are driven to achieve that moment when a live audience truly believes in the impossible.

Indominus Rex

is believing

Extraordinary creatures designed and built by Creature Technology Co. have roamed all around the globe, starring in blockbuster touring exhibitions witnessed by visitors numbering in the millions.

Olympic mascot

Than Life

The spectacle of a jaw-dropping giant animatronic creature can make an event or parade unforgettable for all who witness it. Creature Technology Co. can create your new character from the ground up or take an existing design from the page or screen and make it live, breathe and entertain in its full, physical, three-dimensional glory.

Blueback poster
Feature Films


From Tim Winton's best-selling novel comes a story of friendship, family and the power of one young girl to make a difference.

About Us

Bringing The
Impossible To Life

Our exceptionally talented team of designers, technicians, engineers and artisans raise the bar with each new project. Combining state-of-the-art technology with artistic mastery, Creature Technology Co’s expertise ensures live experiences inspire wonder and awe in audiences worldwide.