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Creature Technology Co. are the undisputed world leaders in bringing creatures to life. We create wonder.

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Founded in Melbourne, Australia in 2006, Creature Technology revolutionised animatronic entertainment through the production of Walking with Dinosaurs ‐ The Arena Spectacular. With a vision to emotionally connect an audience to a cast of prehistoric beasts, we used never‐before‐seen technology to set a new benchmark in storytelling through animatronics.

Since then, our work has spanned the globe and the many genres of live entertainment – from arena shows and theatre productions to exhibitions and, more recently, the world’s most awe‐inspiring theme park attractions.

Technology, creativity and innovation

Innovation is at the core of what we do.

At Creature Technology Co. we see creativity and technology as two interlocked elements in our design process. Both are continually driving the other forward. The result is innovation. Being a fully integrated design and production business allows us to continually evolve our creature making process.

A sophisticated design approach and rigorous processes weave together technical and creative innovation with engineering excellence. All of this is underpinned by a passion for storytelling through performance – delivering wholly transformative experiences.


Creature Technology Co. has spent more than a decade developing its own custom animatronics control system, C‐Tech, which has become one of the cornerstones of our technology and of our business. C‐Tech is a sophisticated and incredibly flexible set of tools designed from the ground up to ensure animatronic creatures and figures move with an uncanny fluidity and realism. C‐Tech is the secret advantage we have over other animatronic companies and is a key part in producing the world’s most lifelike animatronics.


We are story tellers, born from theatrical roots, who revel in working through the creative process with our clients. Our artists and designers can visualise an idea at its conception, whether it is creating a character from scratch or weaving an existing one into the narrative of new theme park ride, theatre show, exhibition or event.



Green Room Award for Visual Design

Creature Technology Co. along with Antony Hamilton, Blair Hart, Paula Levis, Andrew Treloar and Bosco Shaw for Token Armies (by Chunky Move in association with Melbourne International Arts Festival and Arts House)


Drama Desk Award

Winner for Outstanding Puppet Design - Sonny Tilders of Creature Technology Co. for King Kong – Alive on Broadway.

Outer Circle Critics Special Achievement Award

Outer Circle Critics Special Achievement Award for the Puppetry Team That Created and Operates “Kong” for King Kong – Alive on Broadway

Special Tony Award™ for Sonny Tilders and Creature Technology Co.

The creators of the character/puppet “Kong” for King Kong – Alive on Broadway for their outstanding contribution to the theatre.


Manufacturer of the Year (Medium Business)

Manufacturer of the Year (Medium Business), Victorian Manufacturing Hall of Fame Awards


Australian Engineering Excellence Award

Australian Engineering Excellence Award, Victoria (Products & Manufacturing Facilities) for the Universal Orlando Resort Kong


Australian Export Award – Creative Industries

Governor of Victoria Export Award for Innovation Excellence

Governor of Victoria Export Award – Creative Industries

Green Room Award for Technical Achievement: King Kong


Helpmann Award for Outstanding Theatrical Achievement

Helpmann Award for Outstanding Theatrical Achievement: Design, Creation and Operation of King Kong – the Creature.


Pollstar Concert Industry Award

Pollstar Concert Industry Award for Most Creative Stage Production: Walking With Dinosaurs – The Arena Spectacular, USA


Billboard Touring Award

Billboard Touring Award for Creative Content: Walking With Dinosaurs – The Arena Spectacular, USA


TEA Award for Outstanding Achievement

TEA Award for Outstanding Achievement: Walking With Dinosaurs – The Arena Spectacular, USA

Ticketmaster Platinum Ticket Award

Ticketmaster Platinum Ticket Award (2007): Walking With Dinosaurs – The Arena Spectacular, USA