King Kong:
Alive On Broadway

Sonny Tilders and the team at Creature Technology Co. were recognised with a 2019 Special Tony Award for the creation of the puppet Kong for King Kong – Alive on Broadway that opened in the Broadway Theatre in November 2018. Kong was designed and built in our Melbourne workshop and remains one of our most innovative animatronic puppet creations.

The undisputed star of a theatrical show that leaves audiences utterly amazed, Kong is a colossus on stage: rampaging beast one minute, gentle giant the next. Weighing in at 1.1 tonnes and standing 6m (20 ft) tall, he really does have to be seen to be believed. (Show producers: Global Creatures).

Creating Kong

See what it takes to bring the majesty of Kong to life

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You’ve never seen anything like it on stage. Ever

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Drama Desk Award

Winner for Outstanding Puppet Design - Sonny Tilders of Creature Technology Co. for King Kong – Alive on Broadway.

Outer Circle Critics Special Achievement Award

Outer Circle Critics Special Achievement Award for the Puppetry Team That Created and Operates “Kong” for King Kong – Alive on Broadway

Special Tony Award™ for Sonny Tilders and Creature Technology Co.

The creators of the character/puppet “Kong” for King Kong – Alive on Broadway for their outstanding contribution to the theatre.